The New Alluring Features of Viber; Stickers, Push-to-Talk and Android Support

Viber is one of the most popular apps today that are used my Android and iPhone users to communicate with each other without paying anything. Despite the fact that it has already become an indispensible app for most smartphone users, Viber is always coming up with completely alluring and lucrative features to keep its users hooked. Once again, the release of its 4.0 version didn’t disappoint the users, offering three new features. These remarkable new features include a new sticker market, a Push-to-Talk feature for instant communications and support for Android tablets. Let’s take a look at what these features bring to users:

The Fun and Exciting Sticker Market

Viber stickers are fun to use already; there is no one who can deny that. So, Viber decided to take the fun another step forward and added some more colorful and exciting stickers to their market. Moreover, the market will also keep featuring different time-tied and seasonal stickers regularly. Violet, Viber’s signature character, is also a part of these new stickers that are loved by users. So, you need to express something? Just pick up the right sticker and send it; sweet and simple communication!

Communicate Instantly with the Push-to-Talk Feature

One of the best features that Viber has added to its new version is the Push-to-Talk feature that allows you to connect with your contacts with a single tap. You can create a list of your favorite contacts and use this option to send them an instant short voice message. The feature has all the typical functions of a Push-to-Talk service including record, send, download and play functions. However, Viber has reduced the response time of a message significantly by performing all these functions at the same time. A message that would usually take 45 to 60 seconds to open can be opened in 4 to 6 seconds with Viber’s Push-to-Talk feature.

Optimization for Android Tablets

The new version of Android is specially optimized for Android users, bringing in a lot of new features for them. Most importantly, the app offers support for Android tablets in addition to its use on smartphones. With Android tablet support you can bring contacts from your mobile to your tablet and create synchronization between the two devices. Other feature upgrades for Android users include improved notifications, screen light-up for messages, and messaging ability while on call. All these features have enhanced Viber’s functionality on Android quite significantly.

Other Upgrades and Enhancements

Apart from these three significant upgrades, some other changes are also introduced to the platform of Viber including features like message forwarding to contacts or groups, a custom background gallery for each conversation and the ability to add up to 100 people in group conversations. So, if you are wondering which one app you should get for your smartphone, the latest version of Viber is your answer.

The Strategic Partnership between Mobli and America Movil

Mobli announces a strategic investment by América Móvil

Giving tough competition to Instagram, Mobli is fast emerging as a popular mobile photo and video sharing platform. Offering more than filters, this app allows its users to follow not just their interests but also their friends, locations and hashtags throughout social photo and video sharing platform. Moreover, its customizable options and sleek design makes it even more outstanding against the singular focus of Instagram. The app also has a compatible website offering the same features to its users, making it fully functional over multiple platforms.

Mobli has extensive expansion plans underway to ensure that more users can use the platform with ease. That is what the strategic partnership between Mobli and América Móvil is aimed at – expansion. American Movil, which is a leading integrated telecommunications services provider in the US, has made an investment in Mobli. This investment was a part of the $60 Million Funding Round initiated by Mobli itself to form a strategic partnership between the two companies. The business collaboration reached as a result insinuates that America Movil will now introduce all the innovative products of Mobli to its entire user base.

The mobile experience has changed quite significantly in the recent years, bringing internet accessibility to users in a way that was unimaginable. Between all this, Mobli has emerged as a remarkable mobile-based technology that is geared to provide more value to users with their partnership with America Movil. For US consumers, this will bring a highly enhanced experience of photo and video sharing through their mobile devices. The app is an innovative and powerful product that the Mobli team has introduced for its users in a convenient way.

With its expansion plans in progress, this strategic partnership can be considered as an incredible milestone for the company. The company can now make their app available to a massive audience, specifically to the millions of users in Latin America using the services of America Movil. In creating amazing solutions for its users, Mobli has demonstrated a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. This partnership allows both the companies to focus on their core strengths while coming up with collaborative ways to provide customers with enhanced experiences.

With this investment underway, Mobli can now launch its visual search engine and expand it so that its users can see the world through others’ eyes in a simple and convenient manner. A whole new massive community of millions of users can now have access to this incredible experience of sharing and discovery.


Molto-The New iPhone Email App by Perion Set to Give an Enhanced Social Feel

Perion introduces Molto, the new iPhone email app with a “social feel”


The face of online communications has significantly changed over time. People now like to use communication channels that integrate well with today’s social sphere. Features like informal and instant communication with friends and family members, sharing of videos and visuals, and automatic updates have become quite the norm on social media platforms. Despite all these changing factors, email remains unchanged and it’s still used in the same manner as it did decades ago.


Perion has risen up to the challenge and offers to provide users with a much more interactive email environment through its new Molto app. This app is specifically designed for iPhone users and provides them with a single platform for reading emails, handling social interactions, and reading content. With a captivating interface that has a social feed included, this app aims to change the way email environment is used by the consumers. Molto leverages the power of touch devices by providing a lively platform where attachments and links of emails are instantly available.

Here are some features that enhance the email functionality of this app and make it a productivity-oriented platform:

  • Smart List – Molto has an automatic system of analyzing who your All-Star contacts are based on your past communications. On Molto, you can see and access all these important contacts, view previous conversation threads, check their social profile images, and do a lot more in order to stay connected with them in the easiest way.
  • Email Feed – In Molto, all your emails are displayed in a feed structure that is automatically updated to give it a very social feel. This allows you to experience the environment that you are used to in social settings.
  • Quick Reply – If you want to answer your emails on-the-go, this feature allows you to open a chat-like option.
  • Smart Filters – This app allows you to sort your emails into different categories according to filters like Personal, Social and Services messages.
  • Unified Inbox – In this app, you get a single unified master inbox which can hold all your messages. The app integrates all your email accounts including Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Outlook and AOL, bringing all your mail to one inbox that you can use at once.
  • Simple Interface – The app has a single intuitive menu roll that can be operated with a single tap, giving you options like Reply, Delete, Star and Mark Read /Unread.

The app is currently available for three platforms: iPhone, iPad and Android tablet. Developers are working hard to ensure that it’s available for Android smartphones soon as well. You can get Molto for iOS here while Molto for Android tablets can be found here.

The Diabetes Management App from Dario Launches in Multiple Countries

Dario - Diabetes management platform iOS mobile app

Dario is a cloud-based health management platform for mobiles that can be used for monitoring diabetes and blood glucose in individuals. This app was made available by LabStyle Innovations Corp. on a complimentary basis for iOS devices in the US. However, with the success of this app and in accordance with the worldwide roll-out plans of LabStyle, Dario is now available for European and Australian users as well. On December 12, 2013, this complimentary app was made available to iOS users in the U.K, Australia and New Zealand.

The Dario app can be used for the management of diabetes irrespective of which monitoring device they are using. The app allows users to enter their statistics into the app manually in a simple and easy format. In addition, in the coming weeks, the company will integrate the app with the Dario glucose monitoring device and website application, making the entire process completely automated, simple and error-free.


The app is designed to make life easier for diabetes patients, allowing them to manage everything between monitoring and therapy through a single mobile app. With the help of this mobile app, people with diabetes will be able to check their blood sugar levels easily and in real-time using their smartphone. The app also provides them with useful views and insights regarding what they should be doing next to control their situation.

While the app is currently available on iOS only, it will soon be introduced on Android devices as well. However, the software is completely integrated with the pocket-sized monitoring device of Dario, which comes with strips, lancets and a meter to connect it with your phone. A website application for this app is also available to enable patients, medical professionals and caregivers to access and track information and ultimately make proactive interventions in emergency situations. In the coming time period, the app will be made commercially available and it will be allowed to integrate with other diabetes devices and procedures like insulin delivery.

This app is the perfect example of next-generation self-management apps that can change the healthcare industry significantly. It uses the features of mobile apps and online systems to provide the best diabetes management platform to the patients. Meanwhile, unlike others in its category, the app is social and engaging. The company plans to make this app available in as many countries as possible so that a global diabetes management system can be set into place for the control of this widely spread disease.

Appsee helps mobile developers keep their users happy


Appsee is a comprehensive analytics tool that is built within an app designed for iOS. It provides developers with analytics to measure the experience of mobile app users. The platform, which was formerly known as UserVOD, is now launching a new one that is completely redesigned, fully-stocked, and renamed to match its new casual structure.


Appsee offers mobile developers a number of useful features that can help them increase and monitor user engagement and retention. Some of the many features offered by this service include in-app analytics, UI analysis, single session recording and tracking, automatic events, and touch heatmaps.  By using these analytics, developers can optimize the experience of app users, resulting in higher app ratings and improved performance metrics.

A number of app development companies use traditional tracking metrics such as number of daily users and downloads to analyze the performance of their apps. However, it is important to understand what these figures actually mean in order to use the results of these metrics in an optimized way. As many analytical platforms offer only a narrow set of tools for app analysis, it is difficult to understand user behavior in a standardized way. Developers choose to manually select which measures should be checked since many platforms don’t offer automatic identifying and tracking system.

Appsee offers a completely new and innovative approach for mobile app developers to help them understand user behavior and experiences. The platform uses an entire suite of analytical tools that track and measure experience metrics in detailed and comprehensive ways. A number of famous apps like My Supermarket, Onavo, and British Gas use Appsee for handling analytics due to its intuitive and easy-to-use design and attractive visual reports. The developers can easily add this in-app analytical platform to their own using a single-line code and Appsee SDK. Once the system is integrated to your app, it will track every gesture of your user and store it for analysis.

To provide better accessibility to developers, a fully integrated online dashboard is made available, through which they can get reports regarding multiple sessions or a single experience at a time. The platform also allows you to filter the stored sessions across multiple variables and filters, some of them being first time users, crash sessions and churned users. After identifying a single point of interest, developers can specifically track that with the help of these filters. Some of the additional features offered by Appsee include detection of UI and usability problems along with fixing suggestions and optional user video recording for a specified percentage of the session.


Keep a Track on Your Health and Well-Being with Angel’s Technology

Health and well-being are becoming a major concern for people nowadays. This is why they keep looking for convenient ways for keeping a track on these factors on their own. Responding to this need, a lot of new technologies have been introduced to the market, some of which are truly remarkable. A multitude of health-tracking technologies allow people to track their health vitals and maintain a complete record of them on the cloud-based integrated web applications they offer. Among these technologies, the most common thing you can find is health bands.

It seems like a new health or fitness band is introduced to the market every other week without a fail. All of these bands, however, have a limited measuring capability. They allow you to track only a single metric like your heart rate or number of steps and fail to go beyond their core functionality. Therefore none of these bands offers a complete solution that can help you monitor all the aspects of your health at the same time. So, while you get to monitor one aspect with complete accuracy and precision, you remain completely unaware about the others.

To solve this major issue, Angel has introduced its latest technology into the market. It is designed like any other health wristband, but it offers you much more in functionality. The device is designed to give you a complete picture of your health, measuring a multitude of metrics through this single band. To cover the costs of the device’s first production effort, a funding campaign was set up by Angel on Indiegogo. The company has almost reached its goal of $100,000 and is planning to put the band into production really soon.

This new innovative health band by Angel combines four different sensors for temperature, movement, optics and acoustics. Using these sensors, the device allows you to monitor factors like pulse, activity level, body temperature and blood oxygen level. The regular tracking and measurement of these metrics will allow you to deal with a lot of complex medical and health challenges in a much better way. You can deal with medical challenges like:

  • Detecting irregularities in the heart rate to provide an early warning about cardiovascular heart condition
  • Measuring the ovulation cycle and determining the best time to conceive
  • Providing doctors with data on demand using remote, on-line connectivity systems
  • Analyzing vital signs and motions during sleep


All this information can be made available to you through multiple apps and web-based platforms on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even your treadmill after a short time.

Unlike other bands that only allow you to measure a single health metric, this new technology by Angel goes far beyond that. Using Bluetooth Low Energy profiles, the technology is made compatible with major fitness apps including Wahoo Fitness, Strava, RunKeeper and Endomondo. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive health and well-being tracking device, this innovative health and fitness band by Angel is definitely designed for you.

Maverick – The Ideal Digital Marketing Platform for Small Businesses


If you are a small business looking for a digital marketing platform that can drive you to the ranks of a large enterprise in terms of marketing opportunities, Maverick is the first platform you should consider. The recently launched service allows small businesses to develop a competitive edge in digital marketing, bringing them at the same level as any other corporate giant running an online marketing campaign.


You can get result-oriented and highly personalized digital marketing campaigns designed for your business and then execute them with a single-click. Maverick brings the same functionality to automated marketing platforms for small business as WordPress offered to online publishing. Large organizations are well-aware of how online marketing platforms are leveraged to ensure reaping maximum benefits.


However, small businesses often struggle to use digital marketing platforms in an optimized manner. Maverick allows these small businesses to take advantage of professionals’ expertise so that they can optimize their efforts while keeping within their budget. So, they can use online marketing to generate sales successfully even if they don’t have substantial experience.

Maverick will provide you with a detailed marketing plan from start to end. The company will responsibly handle your campaign through production, optimization and follow up stages. All the aspects of a digital marketing campaign, including email communications, social media posts, Facebook ads, and customer loyalty and retention programs, are leveraged by the company through a smart marketing engine.

Everything Small Businesses Need

Upon entering the system, users are given a full year of personalized marketing campaigns in the user’s calendar of activities.


Maverick suggests to the user which campaign to run. All the user needs to do, is customize it if he chooses, and click “Launch.”


In addition, the company provides a complete 12-month program that comes with more than 50 ready-to-go campaign ideas for activities, graphics, designs and text. You can select the campaign you want for your business and it will then be customized for your particular needs. You can also get a prediction of the campaign’s outcome using the innovative algorithm offered by Maverick.

In short, Maverick is all your small business needs to leverage your online marketing campaign. Once you enter the system, a personalized calendar of activities will be provided to you. On it, all your campaign actions will be marked for the year. The company will also suggest which type of campaign would be best for you. So all you’ll have to do is customize it if you feel the need to do so before you launch it with a single-click.

After your marketing campaign is executed, Maverick won’t only provide you with an analytical dashboard, but it will also design an integrated customer loyalty program for you. The information and engagement level of your customers will be tracked carefully before a loyalty program for them is set into place. You can also use Maverick to run your campaigns on tablets and smartphones without any difficulty. A free 30 day trial and multiple pricing strategies make Maverick an ideal choice for small businesses when it comes to online marketing platforms.


Connect with Your Partners, Investors and Experts with PEER

For business owners, networking with other professionals is extremely important. After all, it gives their business the right exposure. Now conferences are considered to be the best places for such networking coups, but do people really stay connected once the conference is over? Even if you get past the small talk and get down to business, which is very rare in conferences, there may be an extremely low chance of people remembering you after it is all over. In such situations, a pro connector who can get you introduced to all the right professionals is definitely going to be beneficial for you. This is where PEER can help you.

PEER is an introduction service that allows you to connect with tech professionals all around the world. This mobile app made its public launch on iOS very recently, allowing individuals to find professionals of LinkedIn and engage with them in a seamless manner through live video or by chat. Whether you want to hire a consultant, get an investor for your business, look for an expert opinion on some matter or simply find a peer to share ideas with, PEER makes it all very easy and effective for you. You can arrange multiple meeting via video chat in a single day, one after another, without having to rush from one place to another.


Using PEER is extremely simple as the app offers a simple user interface. First, however, you need to possess a properly maintained LinkedIn account with your photo, descriptive experience and sufficient connections in your network. After you download the PEER and LinkedIn apps on your phone, PEER will automatically sync with your LinkedIn contacts. Based on the information gathered, it would then suggest other PEERs who are online at that time. Once you find the peer you were looking for, you can get introduced to them and try to make a strong impression on them through a 20 seconds video pitch. If the other person finds this pitch interesting, you can move on to a video meeting right away or at any other convenient time.

With the help of PEER, you can screen your contacts to find those who could make the best business partners for you. You can form interpersonal relationships with like-minded professionals that you have vetted on your own, going on to forge lasting business relations. Some other features offered by PEER include:

  • Pre-recorded video messages that can be sent as invites
  • Easy connectivity without any scheduling whenever a PEER is online
  • A private password-protected networking environment for large groups
  • Live video calls from your iPhone

So, if you want to get in touch with the right professionals who can help you give your business the appropriate exposure, PEER is just the right app for you.

Anagog Aims To Build The Real Time Global Parking Map Of The World

Driving your car during rush hours is extremely frustrating, but things get even worse when you have to look for a parking spot. There is nothing that would irritate you more than having to look for a parking lot for hours before you can get to where you are supposed to be. However, due to the innovation in technology around you, finding a parking spot is doesn’t have to be a major hassle. While there are a lot of mobile apps that can easily help you locate vacant parking spots in your near vicinity, Anagog definitely takes the cake with its automatic, user-independent structure.

Anagog is a technology that provides automatic parking solutions to users. The parking algorithm used by the company identifies when and where a vehicle was parked and detects which parking spots on the street will be vacated in a short time in real-time. For all these updates, this completely automated app doesn’t require any user involvement and the functionality of your phone remains unaffected. This software will allow you to locate the nearest parking spot in your area without having to go round and round on the roads.

The company also revealed a new service that turns this app into a complete real-time parking map of any urban area. This service uses crowd-sourced parking information from different parking apps that have been integrated with Anagog. Now having more than 500,000 users all around the world, Anagog is planning to come up with a new funding round and a new service idea.

Another remarkable feature offered by Anagog is FindMyCar, revealing how well technology can be used to alleviate inconvenience in congested cities. This feature allows users to locate their cars in any parking lot. The algorithm of the app remembers where the user of a specific smartphone parked their car, giving walking directions to that place from the user’s current location. With this automatic locater, it is extremely easy to spot your car in a parking area in no time at all.

In addition, the company has formed a partnership with a subsidiary of OTI Inc., Parx. After this partnership, the Anagog system was integrated into the EasyPark service by Parx, allowing millions of users from more than 130 cities around the world to get notifications when a parking spot is about to get vacated in their near vicinity. This service is already initiated in the US and Europe and it will be made available in other countries as well in a short time.

Check the Pressure of Your Tire On-the-Go with TireCheck App for IOS


With one smart app on your iPhone, you can now turn your phone into a perfectly accurate tire pressure measuring device to take with you wherever you go. TireCheck, the new innovative iOS app, is designed by Neomatix for drivers, allowing them to check the pressure of their vehicles’ tires with a single tap on their iPhone any time they want. With this app, you have no more reasons to overlook the tire pressure of your vehicle. You will no longer be fumbling with the pressure gauges or complaining about dirty grease-laden hands while getting the task done; with this app, it’s all a breeze.


By keeping a regular check on your tire pressure, you can enhance your wheels’ functionality and ensure that you are driving a safe and fuel-efficient manner. If you keep driving under-inflated tires, you will be spending $200 on your vehicle. This amount can easily be saved by maintaining tire pressure. With TireCheck, just pull out your phone, point it at your tire and you will have the results. Doing so will save a lot of your time, money and effort.


The TireCheck app was recently updated by the company, giving it an app overhaul and eliminating some issues that existed with it. Moreover, a number of new car and tire models were added to the existing portfolio of the app, taking up the total count of the app’s vehicle and tire configurations to 50,000 combinations. In addition, other features were added in this updated version, such as the Step-by-Step tutorial, error reporting capability, and the ability to add service stations manually to the database of the app.

Neomatix is known for providing electro-optic sensors for monitoring tires of fleet vehicles. The company is now bringing the same technology and expertise to an app that can fix in its user’s pocket. TireCheck is a completely free app for iOS that uses the camera of your mobile for measuring tire pressure. Using the app is simplified through an interactive tutorial. The initial set up process is also easy, which means that you can scan your car tires with your mobile camera very soon so that the app can tell you if they’re over-inflated, under-inflated or properly inflated.

In case your tires need to be refilled, the app will also provide you with the locations of nearby service stations you can visit. The app is available in more than 15 different languages and a white-label version is available so that vehicle vendors can provide their customers with it. The functionality of this app goes well beyond the tire monitoring system found in vehicles, providing information like the impact of incorrect pressure, which tire needs to be adjusted, and the money that can be saved by properly inflating tires.

TireCheck available on the AppStore.