53% Of Men Would Pick A Runner To Be The Mother Of Their Children; 42% Of Women Report Sex Life Improved Since They Started Running

Truth be told, when it comes to exercising, the world is divided into two groups: those who run and those who wish they could run. While the classic benefits of running are well known – health, weight loss, and more overall energy – this isn’t necessarily the only major incentive for people to start running. As it turns out, runners are often motivated by a more primal factor- sex appeal.

A recent study conducted by Clear Sky Apps, the developer of the 5K Runner app shows that 68% of women started running in order to feel sexier and more confident with the opposite sex. Among men the results show only a slight difference with 64%. The research also gives an interesting perspective on the way men regard women who run: Over 50% of men think that a woman runner has better health and better genes and would be a potential candidate to be the mother of their child. Moreover, when it comes to sexual attraction, a woman who stays fit by running is considered attractive by 35% of men, second only to a woman who makes them laugh (47%).

Additionally, the research shows that 55% of the men, and 42% of the women reported an improvement in their sex life after they started running.  Not surprisingly, the most common body part that men wanted to improve by running was their abs. Among women, however, the body part they wanted to improve most was their “mind” (described as overall happiness, and sex appeal) beating out other options such as their butt, legs and abs.

With over 2.5 million users, and over 16,000 people in its social community, the 5K app team wanted to better understand the tipping point in which a person makes the decision to get up from his comfortable couch and start running. The 5k app training program was developed for those who have made the decision but still need the guidance, coaching, and motivation along every step of the training session.

“Most people don’t realize there is a fit person hidden inside them, literally” says Benny Shaviv, CEO for ClearSkyApps. “The only thing that anyone needs to turn their life around is guidance and motivation. That’s exactly where we focused the 5K Runner app: its an app for ordinary people looking to make their lives better, and there is nothing more gratifying than receiving an email from a mother of 3 that has been overweight all her life and is now running 5K’s regularly.

Check the Pressure of Your Tire On-the-Go with TireCheck App for IOS


With one smart app on your iPhone, you can now turn your phone into a perfectly accurate tire pressure measuring device to take with you wherever you go. TireCheck, the new innovative iOS app, is designed by Neomatix for drivers, allowing them to check the pressure of their vehicles’ tires with a single tap on their iPhone any time they want. With this app, you have no more reasons to overlook the tire pressure of your vehicle. You will no longer be fumbling with the pressure gauges or complaining about dirty grease-laden hands while getting the task done; with this app, it’s all a breeze.


By keeping a regular check on your tire pressure, you can enhance your wheels’ functionality and ensure that you are driving a safe and fuel-efficient manner. If you keep driving under-inflated tires, you will be spending $200 on your vehicle. This amount can easily be saved by maintaining tire pressure. With TireCheck, just pull out your phone, point it at your tire and you will have the results. Doing so will save a lot of your time, money and effort.


The TireCheck app was recently updated by the company, giving it an app overhaul and eliminating some issues that existed with it. Moreover, a number of new car and tire models were added to the existing portfolio of the app, taking up the total count of the app’s vehicle and tire configurations to 50,000 combinations. In addition, other features were added in this updated version, such as the Step-by-Step tutorial, error reporting capability, and the ability to add service stations manually to the database of the app.

Neomatix is known for providing electro-optic sensors for monitoring tires of fleet vehicles. The company is now bringing the same technology and expertise to an app that can fix in its user’s pocket. TireCheck is a completely free app for iOS that uses the camera of your mobile for measuring tire pressure. Using the app is simplified through an interactive tutorial. The initial set up process is also easy, which means that you can scan your car tires with your mobile camera very soon so that the app can tell you if they’re over-inflated, under-inflated or properly inflated.

In case your tires need to be refilled, the app will also provide you with the locations of nearby service stations you can visit. The app is available in more than 15 different languages and a white-label version is available so that vehicle vendors can provide their customers with it. The functionality of this app goes well beyond the tire monitoring system found in vehicles, providing information like the impact of incorrect pressure, which tire needs to be adjusted, and the money that can be saved by properly inflating tires.

TireCheck available on the AppStore.

70 Parallax iOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone 5

If you have an iPhone and you recently upgraded to iOS 7, you probably noticed the Parallax feature. So what exactly is Parallax? Parallax is a way of creating depth sense by twisting, turning and tilting your device. Some people find it to be a nice feature, some really hate it.

So now that you have iOS 7 parallax, you need to have the right wallpaper for your device. Here’s a collection of 70 Parallax iOS 7 wallpapers for iPhone 5.

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MasterFX – The fun and ease of Instagram with the power of Photoshop

A number of users wonder what it takes to edit photos perfectly like professional designers. The simple answer is that you don’t need a lot if you have the right tools to help you. MasterFX, a design app by Dropico Mobile, is just the perfect designing tool you need to edit photographs like a professional designer. You can get all the fancy edits done on your own without having to learn difficult techniques. The app is available for iPhone and iPad users who already have a large variety of photo and video editing apps available to them but feel cheated due to the narrow range of filters and editing tools.

MasterFX is a completely free app for iOS platforms. It comes with a range of over 1500 elements, including characters, backgrounds, effects, and text editor, all of which can be used with an automatic balancing function. For an additional $0.99, you can add 32 additional packages to the app if the free option is not enough for you. You can also add millions of royalty-free photos to your gallery for the price of $0.05 each. The company plans to expand its range of photos, materials and tools continuously with every update it makes.

While the app is designed to simulate the processes of professional designers, its interface is much more user-friendly and intuitive. Professional designers are required to gather graphical material from different sites, organize them and then mesh them artfully to build a composition, all of  which can take hours of work and expert skills. MasterFX makes this entire process extremely simple for everyone to use by bringing together everything on a single platform; all the elements of the app work together to create a composition in a snap. A video tutorial is also provided to explain everything you need to know about operating the app. The video highlights all its features and some other masterpieces created by other users.

In comparison, other photography and editing apps available for iPhone users are either very simple and come with very limited number of tools like the filters of Instagram or extremely complicated like professional software such as Photoshop. Master FX is none of those; it is something completely different and new. All the popular and fun features of Instagram are combined with the heavy duty features of Photoshop on a single platform and can be used with single step functionality. Introducing more complex and advanced tools for experienced users and a video editing function are also some updates that are further planned for this app.

Familio – An App for Just the Family

Familio Logo
Familio Logo

There are some things in life that you only want to share with your family and no one else. Whether they are your secret baby photos or some distant memory of your childhood, some things are better kept within the family circle. But how can you do that when the privacy settings of social media platforms are becoming too complex or unreliable? The answer is: with Familio.

This safe and exclusive photo and video sharing platform allows you to connect with a very close network of your family members. This way, you can ensure that your private moments are only shared with the people you want. Launched recently, this is a universal app that is available on Android, iOS and the web, connecting families across different countries, platforms and generations. All your family moments and memories can now be shared without having to worry about privacy settings.

So, why not do that on any other social network? While it is true that most popular social networking platforms allow you to share photos and videos with people, it is difficult to ensure that they will stay exclusive. Even if you use customization lists and filters, which many people are not aware of anyway, there are still no guarantees that you have covered everything and your photos and videos are protected from the eyes of strangers.

Familio understands that people are tired of checking into their numerous social media profiles from time to time for regular updates and they definitely don’t need another social media platform. This is why it has come up with an app-like platform that is easy to use, even for the Grandma who abhors any mention of websites and technology. The app is always active in the background and offers a push notification system that easily lets you see the latest photos of your family member no matter how limited your knowledge of technology is.

The always-on function of Familio eliminates the need of checking the app regularly for updates. When there is something new worth seeing, the app will alert you automatically. You can either install it on your phone as an app or you could have it as an extension running in your browser’s background. In both cases, regular notifications will alert you when new photos are posted. You can browse through your Familio album any time you want and relive the memories that truly bring you together. Besides, the feature allows you to share print-quality, high resolution pictures taken from a number of sources while collecting them on a single platform instead of leaving them scattered.

So celebrate the bonds of family with Familio, the app dedicated to ensuring safe sharing within your family’s network.


With 7 figures in funding, glide launches ultimate video instant messaging app

New Startup Glide Brings video instant messaging app To Your iPhone: Provides Live Video When You’re Available, Recorded Messages When You’re Not.

Having raised a seven-figure sum from VCs and private investors,Glide announces the launch of a game-changing instant video messenger. Stakeholders include Orey Gilliam, former CEO of ICQ and AOL IM, and Philippe Schwartz, founder and former CEO of ooVoo. The company has leveraged its patent-pending, streaming video technology to enable real-time video messaging.

Live video chat is expressive and personal, yet can be a hassle to schedule, especially with groups of friends and family across different time zones. Texting is simple and convenient, yet lacks the personality of video.

Current messaging applications force users to record messages locally and upload videos only after recording is complete. Transferring videos in this way causes significant lag between message creation and consumption, preventing real-time conversation from taking place.

Video instant messaging app

With Glide, video messages are broadcast live the moment recording begins and simultaneously saved to the cloud for on-demand consumption. Conversations can occur in real-time, or at the convenience of each user.

Launching globally today for iPhone and coming soon to Android, Glide brings benefit to a broad spectrum of users. For families, it helps loved ones stay connected in a more personal, convenient way. For groups of friends, Glide makes mobile chat fast, fun and more expressive. For enterprise, Glide enables visual team communication with ease.

Glide’s key features include:

  • Live – broadcast in real-time without waiting for videos to upload or download
  • Groups – easily video chat in large groups; no need to schedule in advance
  • Autoplay – catch up on conversations with one-touch replay
  • Low Bandwidth – data usage is half of what is required for a conventional video call
  • Cloud Storage – messages are saved to the cloud so they don’t take up space on the device
  • Text & Emoji – react in real-time, even as friends are broadcasting

“Glide seamlessly combines the best of video and messaging with a groundbreaking product that will disrupt the world of communications,” says Philippe Schwartz, Glide’s Executive Director. “Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we will continue to improve the product based on the needs of our users.”

Following a March 7th soft launch in the Israel AppStore, Glide quickly rose to No.1 in Social Networking Apps and No.3 in Top Free Apps.

You can download Glide from your iPhone here: www.glide.me/go

About Glide:
Founded in Jerusalem in May 2012, Glide is the brainchild of Ari Roisman, Jonathan Caras and Adam Korbl - three young entrepreneurs who live thousands of miles from their families and friends. Frustrated by the difficulties communicating across time zones, the trio created a new and better way to stay in touch. In January 2013, Philippe Schwartz, founder & former CEO of ooVoo, joined the company as Executive Director.

Incredimail recreates the email experience

Perion LogoBeginning with the iPad, Incredimail gives you your inbox with a better view.

Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI), developer of the leading email client Incredimail, today debuted its latest version of Incredimail, forever changing the email experience for iPad owners. Incredimail for the iPad, is the first email application truly adapted for the touch-screen, and is the first major redesign of email in over 20 years. It redesigns the inbox, unifies multiple email accounts, creates a photo inbox from your friends and family Facebook photos, and elevates messages so their contents can easily be seen by users at a glance, in an intuitive “magazine-by-touch” format.

“We love email and believe it is, and will remain, a vital form of communication for years to come. But the new Incredimail is more than that.  It is both a unified messaging application, including a photo inbox, as well as a bold new step in recreating the experience as needed for a multi-screen world, especially for newer mobile formats that have seen explosive growth,” said Josef Mandelbaum, CEO of Perion. “We think users, especially our users, are going to love Incredimail for the iPad. It changes the entire email experience, tailored just for devices like the iPad. We look forward to extending this quality experience to the iPhone, Android and other devices later this year and eventually even bring this exciting new email to the desktop.”

In its recent survey, Perion found that consumers, especially second wave adopters, now prefer the iPad for reading and writing email, beating out PCs and smartphones by a wide margin. But the survey also found that typically passionate iPad users were not as pleased as they could be with their current email choices. Previous email applications were designed for the PC era, and until now, there has not been a major rethink of the email experience for a multi-screen mobile world.

Incredimail‘s striking visual design provides innovative functionality for users, to easily view and share email content, including articles, photos and videos. Incredimail redesigns the email experience bringing the elegance and ease-of-use consumers love from the iPad to their inboxes.

Incredimail is available for free download in the App Store. Highlights that users can enjoy with Incredimail for the iPad include:

  • Unified Inbox: Add as many email accounts as you want and view them in a unified inbox, or view each account separately. Incredimail currently supports Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and any other IMAP account.
  • Quick Peeks: See a quick preview of emails directly from the inbox, without having to open them.
  • Photo Inbox: In addition to the regular email inbox, enjoy a photo inbox that features photos from friends and family, keeping you fully up to date with the people that matter most (starting with Facebook photos, others will be added soon).
  • Link Previews (a.k.a. Snippets): All links sent to you including photos, videos and articles, are presented as a preview within the email for a pleasant and uninterrupted email experience. Links you send are also viewed as previews by the email recipient.
  • Email Stationery: Enjoy a specially designed email stationery collection to add a personal style to emails you send. Additional stationery and rich content coming soon.
  • Built-In Web Browser:  Search and browse the web right inside your inbox, ensuring an uninterrupted experience.
  • Future features to include: POP3 email support, other social platforms like Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn, and more photo integration with Picasa Web, Flickr and Instagram.

“Incredimail brings together the potential of new devices with the beautiful visual interface that iPad users enjoy,” said Ron Harari, General Manager of Perion’s Communication Products Division. “The team has been focused on the vision of bringing a new look to email and we’re proud to deliver some exciting new tweaks to the best of traditional email.”

For more information on Incredimail, please visit ipad.incredimail.com or to download the app through the Apple App Store, Click Here.

Vtok – Google talk app for iOS devices

Vtok logoI’ve been looking for this kind of app for the last 2 years. There was no decent Google talk app for iOS devices, but now – finally – there’s a great app for that.

If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone or iPad and want to chat with your Gmail contacts, start using VtokVtok is a messaging, audio and video-calling app for the iPhone and iPad, available free from iTunes.

Try it now, you won’t be disappointed. Click here to download.

Top Features

  • Video calls, voice calls and text chat (IM) with Google Talk users and other Vtok users
  • No account to sign-up. Just login with your Google/gmail account and start talking
  • Works over Wi-Fi and 3G
  • Devices supported are iPhone4, iPhone 3GS, iPad2 and the 4th generation iPod Touch
  • Choose whether or not to use video in a call. You can also enable or disable video during a call
  • Choose between front and back camera on your device
  • Stay connected and receive calls, even when the app is closed and moved to the background
  • Invite/add contacts from within the app.
  • Unlimited phone calls and SMS messages using Google Voice. (For US users with Google Voice™ accounts only, requires an in-app purchase)

Text chat features

  • Free push notifications
  • Emoticons
  • Easily insert commonly used phrases from a list during chat.
  • In-app browser for use during a chat session
  • Customizable chat themes
  • Send virtual gifts via chat messages
  • Share your location while chatting
  • Multi-language support for chat messages.
  • Copy and paste text from chat messages.