This file is dangerous so Chrome has blocked it

How to Stop Chrome From Blocking Downloads

Chrome is a great browser but also an annoying at times when it takes too much liberty.

Sometimes I hire freelancers on UpWork for some projects. The other day, one of them sent me some articles to review. As soon as I tried to start downloading them, Chrome stopped the download, saying “This file is dangerous, so Chrome has blocked it”.

After verifying with the origin that the file is safe, I was looking for a way to stop chrome from blocking downloads.

Another option – give the user the opportunity to decide whether or not they want to download the file and “risking” it.

Anyway- here is how to stop chrome from blocking download of “dangerous files”:


  1. Go to Chrome’s settings page
  2. Scroll all the way down, and hit “Advanced”
  3. Click “Sync and Google Services”
  4. Scroll down to “Other Google Services”
  5. Switch off “Safe Browsing”
  6. After downloading the file – don’t forget to switch this feature back on!
Google Chrome - Switch Off Safe Browsing
Google Chrome – Switch Off Safe Browsing

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