Enable Full Screen Hover Preview (Peek) in Windows 10

One of the great benefits of Windows 10, is that when you open multiple windows of the same program – for example: 10 emails in Outlook, all in separate windows – when you mouse over the program in the task bar, first it shows you a thumbnail of all the windows:

Full Screen Hover Preview in Windows 10
Full Screen Hover Preview in Windows 10

Second – when you mouse over any of the thumbnails, it shows you a full screen preview. Once you decide which window you want to work on, you can simply click on it and Windows will switch and focus on the chosen window.

This feature is called “peek”.

That’s a great feature, but sometimes it stops working and you need to re-enable it.

How to Re-Enable Peek in Windows 10

In the search bar, type “performance” and choose “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows”:

Adjust Windows Performance
Adjust Windows Performance

Next – uncheck the box next to “enable peek” and then check it back again. Hit apply -> ok and you’re good to go.

Enable Peek
Enable Peek

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