Auto Log Into SalesForce by Passing Login Credentials in The URL

If you use Salesforce, then you know the drill. You go to Salesforce’s login page, and you have to re-type your username and password each and every time.

But guess what – there’s a shorter – very unsecured – way to auto log into Salesforce using your credentials (username and password) in the url.

This is the template you should use in the URL:

If you’re using your own domain (instructions here):

So – if your domain is “costco”, then the address should look like this:

If you’re NOT using your own domain:

In order to find your salesforce instance, look at the address bar when signed into Salesforce (image credit):

Salesforce instance




So – if your instance is “na8”, then the address should look like this:

Once you come up with the login address, you can simply add it to Chrome’s homepage, so that every time you open Chrome, it will log you into Salesforce automatically in a new tab (instructions here).

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