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Sync issues with OneDrive (SkyDrive Pro)

Recently I migrated our office from exchange server 2003 on premises to office 365 (mid-size business plan). I used the old-safe way of exporting all the mailboxes (.pst files) and importing them into Office 365, since we have only 30 mailboxes.

In terms of file sharing, we used a mounted drive located on the server. When the migration was done, I got rid of the server, and in terms of file sharing system, I purchased a 100 GB Dropbox account, which I installed on each and every computer.

Microsoft Office 365 comes with Sharepoint and file sharing features (based on Microsoft OneDrive, used to be called “SkyDrive Pro”), which means every user gets 25 GB of personal storage. The files are hosted on the cloud, and basically accessible from every computer that’s connected to the internet, where you can also set files to be accessible offline, by syncing folders to the computer).

I chose Dropbox because I didn’t have the time to train the employees on how to use OneDrive.

Recently I decided to migrate the whole file sharing system from Dropbox to OneDrive, so I started playing around with it, and testing it, before we switch to the new system.

The problem

While everything went smoothly in the beginning, as soon as I restarted my computer, OneDrive aut0-started, and there was a yellow exclamation point on OneDrive’s icon in the taskbar and an error message saying “we ran into problems syncing”, and also Microsoft Upload Center said “upload failed”.

Checking the error log, I found this:

ICsiError: csierrOdc_ScopeIntersectionUnresolvable (0x7B)

Error code=0x80004005; Error source=Groove

The solution

To solve this problem, we have 2 options. Option 1 is the shortest and most of the time solves it pretty fast. Option 2 takes more time, so use it as a backup if option 1 fails for you.

Option 1

1. Open the Task Manager and end every Office process (MSOSYNC.EXE, GROOVE.EXE and MSOUC.EXE).

Sync issues with OneDrive - SkyDrive Pro
Sync issues with OneDrive – SkyDrive Pro

2. Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the following locations and delete everything (files & folders):



3. Go to Office 365 online, click “sync” in OneDrive, and OneDrive app should start running again and sync normally.

If this method didn’t help you, try the following option 2, and at the end repeat step 1 to 3 of option 1.

Option 2

1. Right click on OneDrive’s icon in the taskbar, and choose “stop syncing a folder”.

2. Open windows explorer, and look for the OneDrive folder (usually on the left side, under “favorites”). Right click on the folder and delete it (all the content + the folder itself).

3. Go to Internet Explorer (even if you’re not using it), and clear browsing history (Settings -> Internet Options -> “Browsing History” -> Delete).

4. Run Disk cleanup (right click on your system drive -> Properties -> Disk cleanup).

5. Repeat Option 1.

Good luck!

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