Perion introduces Molto, the new iPhone email app with a “social feel”

Molto-The New iPhone Email App by Perion Set to Give an Enhanced Social Feel


The face of online communications has significantly changed over time. People now like to use communication channels that integrate well with today’s social sphere. Features like informal and instant communication with friends and family members, sharing of videos and visuals, and automatic updates have become quite the norm on social media platforms. Despite all these changing factors, email remains unchanged and it’s still used in the same manner as it did decades ago.


Perion has risen up to the challenge and offers to provide users with a much more interactive email environment through its new Molto app. This app is specifically designed for iPhone users and provides them with a single platform for reading emails, handling social interactions, and reading content. With a captivating interface that has a social feed included, this app aims to change the way email environment is used by the consumers. Molto leverages the power of touch devices by providing a lively platform where attachments and links of emails are instantly available.

Here are some features that enhance the email functionality of this app and make it a productivity-oriented platform:

  • Smart List – Molto has an automatic system of analyzing who your All-Star contacts are based on your past communications. On Molto, you can see and access all these important contacts, view previous conversation threads, check their social profile images, and do a lot more in order to stay connected with them in the easiest way.
  • Email Feed – In Molto, all your emails are displayed in a feed structure that is automatically updated to give it a very social feel. This allows you to experience the environment that you are used to in social settings.
  • Quick Reply – If you want to answer your emails on-the-go, this feature allows you to open a chat-like option.
  • Smart Filters – This app allows you to sort your emails into different categories according to filters like Personal, Social and Services messages.
  • Unified Inbox – In this app, you get a single unified master inbox which can hold all your messages. The app integrates all your email accounts including Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Outlook and AOL, bringing all your mail to one inbox that you can use at once.
  • Simple Interface – The app has a single intuitive menu roll that can be operated with a single tap, giving you options like Reply, Delete, Star and Mark Read /Unread.

The app is currently available for three platforms: iPhone, iPad and Android tablet. Developers are working hard to ensure that it’s available for Android smartphones soon as well. You can get Molto for iOS here while Molto for Android tablets can be found here.

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