Mobli announces a strategic investment by América Móvil

The Strategic Partnership between Mobli and America Movil

Giving tough competition to Instagram, Mobli is fast emerging as a popular mobile photo and video sharing platform. Offering more than filters, this app allows its users to follow not just their interests but also their friends, locations and hashtags throughout social photo and video sharing platform. Moreover, its customizable options and sleek design makes it even more outstanding against the singular focus of Instagram. The app also has a compatible website offering the same features to its users, making it fully functional over multiple platforms.

Mobli has extensive expansion plans underway to ensure that more users can use the platform with ease. That is what the strategic partnership between Mobli and América Móvil is aimed at – expansion. American Movil, which is a leading integrated telecommunications services provider in the US, has made an investment in Mobli. This investment was a part of the $60 Million Funding Round initiated by Mobli itself to form a strategic partnership between the two companies. The business collaboration reached as a result insinuates that America Movil will now introduce all the innovative products of Mobli to its entire user base.

The mobile experience has changed quite significantly in the recent years, bringing internet accessibility to users in a way that was unimaginable. Between all this, Mobli has emerged as a remarkable mobile-based technology that is geared to provide more value to users with their partnership with America Movil. For US consumers, this will bring a highly enhanced experience of photo and video sharing through their mobile devices. The app is an innovative and powerful product that the Mobli team has introduced for its users in a convenient way.

With its expansion plans in progress, this strategic partnership can be considered as an incredible milestone for the company. The company can now make their app available to a massive audience, specifically to the millions of users in Latin America using the services of America Movil. In creating amazing solutions for its users, Mobli has demonstrated a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. This partnership allows both the companies to focus on their core strengths while coming up with collaborative ways to provide customers with enhanced experiences.

With this investment underway, Mobli can now launch its visual search engine and expand it so that its users can see the world through others’ eyes in a simple and convenient manner. A whole new massive community of millions of users can now have access to this incredible experience of sharing and discovery.


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