Make WordPress faster - load images as you scroll

Make WordPress faster – load images as you scroll

If you’ve ever visited Mashable, you probably noticed how fast the website loads, and you probably also noticed that images on the website appear with some fade-in as you scroll down.

This is not just to make it beautiful, although it does look great in my opinion. All it takes is a couple lines of JQuery code to make the magic happen.

If your Blog / Website is WordPress based, and is long with a lot of images, it takes some time for the browser to download and display all of the images. Basically, if the user is in the top of the page area, it makes no sense to load all of the images in the middle or the end of the page.

The solution? Use “Advanced Lazy Load” to make WordPress faster – and load images as you scroll.

Load images as you scroll

Advanced Lazy Load” is a WordPress plugin that aims to speed up WordPress. It loads images in long web pages only as the user scrolls down and approaches them.

Think about all the benefits of using this plugin:

  1. Site’s bandwidth is reduced.
  2. WordPress loads faster.
  3. Readers are happier.
  4. Site gets better ranking in terms of SEO.
  5. Images appear in a cool “fadey” way.

It works great in my blog, now it’s your blog’s turn.

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