how to identify noisy tabs in Google Chrome

Google presents: how to identify noisy tabs in Google Chrome

if Chrome is your default and preferred browser – it won't drive you crazy much longer. This is how to identify noisy tabs in Google Chrome.

You know how it feels when you’re using Chrome, you have like 5 to 10 tabs open, and then, out of the blue, you hear some sound or music coming from your browser? Turns out one of your tabs is playing an annoying advertisement, auto-playing a YouTube video, or background music started rolling. Yes, sometimes it scares the shit out of you, especially if you use headphones.  Then you start browsing through the tabs, trying to figure out which one is playing what. Sometimes it’s even worse because you have to scroll down / up to find the exact element / player and push stop – doesn’t that drive you crazy?

Well, if Chrome is your default and preferred browser – it won’t drive you crazy much longer. Google just made our lives easier.

How to identify noisy tabs in Google Chrome

With the latest Chrome beta release, you can now visually scan your tabs to identify the noisy ones. Just look for the speaker icon on the right side of the tab. In the same way, you can identify which tabs are using your webcam or broadcasting to your TV.

Using your webcam
Using your webcam
Playing audio
Playing audio
Casting to your TV
Casting to your TV

In addition – until now, when using safe mode, Chrome would notify the user if they tried to visit a malicious website or download a malicious file or program. From now on, Chrome’s beta will automatically block malware sites. If you see the following message in the download tray in the bottom, you can easily click “Dismiss” and you’re done.  Protected.

Google Chrome Warning
Google Chrome Warning

Silence your tabs – get the latest Chrome beta release here.

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