Dario - Diabetes management platform iOS mobile app

The Diabetes Management App from Dario Launches in Multiple Countries

Dario is a cloud-based health management platform for mobiles that can be used for monitoring diabetes and blood glucose in individuals. This app was made available by LabStyle Innovations Corp. on a complimentary basis for iOS devices in the US. However, with the success of this app and in accordance with the worldwide roll-out plans of LabStyle, Dario is now available for European and Australian users as well. On December 12, 2013, this complimentary app was made available to iOS users in the U.K, Australia and New Zealand.

The Dario app can be used for the management of diabetes irrespective of which monitoring device they are using. The app allows users to enter their statistics into the app manually in a simple and easy format. In addition, in the coming weeks, the company will integrate the app with the Dario glucose monitoring device and website application, making the entire process completely automated, simple and error-free.


The app is designed to make life easier for diabetes patients, allowing them to manage everything between monitoring and therapy through a single mobile app. With the help of this mobile app, people with diabetes will be able to check their blood sugar levels easily and in real-time using their smartphone. The app also provides them with useful views and insights regarding what they should be doing next to control their situation.

While the app is currently available on iOS only, it will soon be introduced on Android devices as well. However, the software is completely integrated with the pocket-sized monitoring device of Dario, which comes with strips, lancets and a meter to connect it with your phone. A website application for this app is also available to enable patients, medical professionals and caregivers to access and track information and ultimately make proactive interventions in emergency situations. In the coming time period, the app will be made commercially available and it will be allowed to integrate with other diabetes devices and procedures like insulin delivery.

This app is the perfect example of next-generation self-management apps that can change the healthcare industry significantly. It uses the features of mobile apps and online systems to provide the best diabetes management platform to the patients. Meanwhile, unlike others in its category, the app is social and engaging. The company plans to make this app available in as many countries as possible so that a global diabetes management system can be set into place for the control of this widely spread disease.

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