Check the Pressure of Your Tire On-the-Go with TireCheck App for IOS


With one smart app on your iPhone, you can now turn your phone into a perfectly accurate tire pressure measuring device to take with you wherever you go. TireCheck, the new innovative iOS app, is designed by Neomatix for drivers, allowing them to check the pressure of their vehicles’ tires with a single tap on their iPhone any time they want. With this app, you have no more reasons to overlook the tire pressure of your vehicle. You will no longer be fumbling with the pressure gauges or complaining about dirty grease-laden hands while getting the task done; with this app, it’s all a breeze.


By keeping a regular check on your tire pressure, you can enhance your wheels’ functionality and ensure that you are driving a safe and fuel-efficient manner. If you keep driving under-inflated tires, you will be spending $200 on your vehicle. This amount can easily be saved by maintaining tire pressure. With TireCheck, just pull out your phone, point it at your tire and you will have the results. Doing so will save a lot of your time, money and effort.


The TireCheck app was recently updated by the company, giving it an app overhaul and eliminating some issues that existed with it. Moreover, a number of new car and tire models were added to the existing portfolio of the app, taking up the total count of the app’s vehicle and tire configurations to 50,000 combinations. In addition, other features were added in this updated version, such as the Step-by-Step tutorial, error reporting capability, and the ability to add service stations manually to the database of the app.

Neomatix is known for providing electro-optic sensors for monitoring tires of fleet vehicles. The company is now bringing the same technology and expertise to an app that can fix in its user’s pocket. TireCheck is a completely free app for iOS that uses the camera of your mobile for measuring tire pressure. Using the app is simplified through an interactive tutorial. The initial set up process is also easy, which means that you can scan your car tires with your mobile camera very soon so that the app can tell you if they’re over-inflated, under-inflated or properly inflated.

In case your tires need to be refilled, the app will also provide you with the locations of nearby service stations you can visit. The app is available in more than 15 different languages and a white-label version is available so that vehicle vendors can provide their customers with it. The functionality of this app goes well beyond the tire monitoring system found in vehicles, providing information like the impact of incorrect pressure, which tire needs to be adjusted, and the money that can be saved by properly inflating tires.

TireCheck available on the AppStore.

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