Maverick – The Ideal Digital Marketing Platform for Small Businesses


If you are a small business looking for a digital marketing platform that can drive you to the ranks of a large enterprise in terms of marketing opportunities, Maverick is the first platform you should consider. The recently launched service allows small businesses to develop a competitive edge in digital marketing, bringing them at the same level as any other corporate giant running an online marketing campaign.


You can get result-oriented and highly personalized digital marketing campaigns designed for your business and then execute them with a single-click. Maverick brings the same functionality to automated marketing platforms for small business as WordPress offered to online publishing. Large organizations are well-aware of how online marketing platforms are leveraged to ensure reaping maximum benefits.


However, small businesses often struggle to use digital marketing platforms in an optimized manner. Maverick allows these small businesses to take advantage of professionals’ expertise so that they can optimize their efforts while keeping within their budget. So, they can use online marketing to generate sales successfully even if they don’t have substantial experience.

Maverick will provide you with a detailed marketing plan from start to end. The company will responsibly handle your campaign through production, optimization and follow up stages. All the aspects of a digital marketing campaign, including email communications, social media posts, Facebook ads, and customer loyalty and retention programs, are leveraged by the company through a smart marketing engine.

Everything Small Businesses Need

Upon entering the system, users are given a full year of personalized marketing campaigns in the user’s calendar of activities.


Maverick suggests to the user which campaign to run. All the user needs to do, is customize it if he chooses, and click “Launch.”


In addition, the company provides a complete 12-month program that comes with more than 50 ready-to-go campaign ideas for activities, graphics, designs and text. You can select the campaign you want for your business and it will then be customized for your particular needs. You can also get a prediction of the campaign’s outcome using the innovative algorithm offered by Maverick.

In short, Maverick is all your small business needs to leverage your online marketing campaign. Once you enter the system, a personalized calendar of activities will be provided to you. On it, all your campaign actions will be marked for the year. The company will also suggest which type of campaign would be best for you. So all you’ll have to do is customize it if you feel the need to do so before you launch it with a single-click.

After your marketing campaign is executed, Maverick won’t only provide you with an analytical dashboard, but it will also design an integrated customer loyalty program for you. The information and engagement level of your customers will be tracked carefully before a loyalty program for them is set into place. You can also use Maverick to run your campaigns on tablets and smartphones without any difficulty. A free 30 day trial and multiple pricing strategies make Maverick an ideal choice for small businesses when it comes to online marketing platforms.


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