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Keep a Track on Your Health and Well-Being with Angel’s Technology

Health and well-being are becoming a major concern for people nowadays. This is why they keep looking for convenient ways for keeping a track on these factors on their own. Responding to this need, a lot of new technologies have been introduced to the market, some of which are truly remarkable. A multitude of health-tracking technologies allow people to track their health vitals and maintain a complete record of them on the cloud-based integrated web applications they offer. Among these technologies, the most common thing you can find is health bands.

It seems like a new health or fitness band is introduced to the market every other week without a fail. All of these bands, however, have a limited measuring capability. They allow you to track only a single metric like your heart rate or number of steps and fail to go beyond their core functionality. Therefore none of these bands offers a complete solution that can help you monitor all the aspects of your health at the same time. So, while you get to monitor one aspect with complete accuracy and precision, you remain completely unaware about the others.

To solve this major issue, Angel has introduced its latest technology into the market. It is designed like any other health wristband, but it offers you much more in functionality. The device is designed to give you a complete picture of your health, measuring a multitude of metrics through this single band. To cover the costs of the device’s first production effort, a funding campaign was set up by Angel on Indiegogo. The company has almost reached its goal of $100,000 and is planning to put the band into production really soon.

This new innovative health band by Angel combines four different sensors for temperature, movement, optics and acoustics. Using these sensors, the device allows you to monitor factors like pulse, activity level, body temperature and blood oxygen level. The regular tracking and measurement of these metrics will allow you to deal with a lot of complex medical and health challenges in a much better way. You can deal with medical challenges like:

  • Detecting irregularities in the heart rate to provide an early warning about cardiovascular heart condition
  • Measuring the ovulation cycle and determining the best time to conceive
  • Providing doctors with data on demand using remote, on-line connectivity systems
  • Analyzing vital signs and motions during sleep


All this information can be made available to you through multiple apps and web-based platforms on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even your treadmill after a short time.

Unlike other bands that only allow you to measure a single health metric, this new technology by Angel goes far beyond that. Using Bluetooth Low Energy profiles, the technology is made compatible with major fitness apps including Wahoo Fitness, Strava, RunKeeper and Endomondo. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive health and well-being tracking device, this innovative health and fitness band by Angel is definitely designed for you.

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