Connect with Your Partners, Investors and Experts with PEER

For business owners, networking with other professionals is extremely important. After all, it gives their business the right exposure. Now conferences are considered to be the best places for such networking coups, but do people really stay connected once the conference is over? Even if you get past the small talk and get down to business, which is very rare in conferences, there may be an extremely low chance of people remembering you after it is all over. In such situations, a pro connector who can get you introduced to all the right professionals is definitely going to be beneficial for you. This is where PEER can help you.

PEER is an introduction service that allows you to connect with tech professionals all around the world. This mobile app made its public launch on iOS very recently, allowing individuals to find professionals of LinkedIn and engage with them in a seamless manner through live video or by chat. Whether you want to hire a consultant, get an investor for your business, look for an expert opinion on some matter or simply find a peer to share ideas with, PEER makes it all very easy and effective for you. You can arrange multiple meeting via video chat in a single day, one after another, without having to rush from one place to another.


Using PEER is extremely simple as the app offers a simple user interface. First, however, you need to possess a properly maintained LinkedIn account with your photo, descriptive experience and sufficient connections in your network. After you download the PEER and LinkedIn apps on your phone, PEER will automatically sync with your LinkedIn contacts. Based on the information gathered, it would then suggest other PEERs who are online at that time. Once you find the peer you were looking for, you can get introduced to them and try to make a strong impression on them through a 20 seconds video pitch. If the other person finds this pitch interesting, you can move on to a video meeting right away or at any other convenient time.

With the help of PEER, you can screen your contacts to find those who could make the best business partners for you. You can form interpersonal relationships with like-minded professionals that you have vetted on your own, going on to forge lasting business relations. Some other features offered by PEER include:

  • Pre-recorded video messages that can be sent as invites
  • Easy connectivity without any scheduling whenever a PEER is online
  • A private password-protected networking environment for large groups
  • Live video calls from your iPhone

So, if you want to get in touch with the right professionals who can help you give your business the appropriate exposure, PEER is just the right app for you.

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