Anagog Aims To Build The Real Time Global Parking Map Of The World

Driving your car during rush hours is extremely frustrating, but things get even worse when you have to look for a parking spot. There is nothing that would irritate you more than having to look for a parking lot for hours before you can get to where you are supposed to be. However, due to the innovation in technology around you, finding a parking spot is doesn’t have to be a major hassle. While there are a lot of mobile apps that can easily help you locate vacant parking spots in your near vicinity, Anagog definitely takes the cake with its automatic, user-independent structure.

Anagog is a technology that provides automatic parking solutions to users. The parking algorithm used by the company identifies when and where a vehicle was parked and detects which parking spots on the street will be vacated in a short time in real-time. For all these updates, this completely automated app doesn’t require any user involvement and the functionality of your phone remains unaffected. This software will allow you to locate the nearest parking spot in your area without having to go round and round on the roads.

The company also revealed a new service that turns this app into a complete real-time parking map of any urban area. This service uses crowd-sourced parking information from different parking apps that have been integrated with Anagog. Now having more than 500,000 users all around the world, Anagog is planning to come up with a new funding round and a new service idea.

Another remarkable feature offered by Anagog is FindMyCar, revealing how well technology can be used to alleviate inconvenience in congested cities. This feature allows users to locate their cars in any parking lot. The algorithm of the app remembers where the user of a specific smartphone parked their car, giving walking directions to that place from the user’s current location. With this automatic locater, it is extremely easy to spot your car in a parking area in no time at all.

In addition, the company has formed a partnership with a subsidiary of OTI Inc., Parx. After this partnership, the Anagog system was integrated into the EasyPark service by Parx, allowing millions of users from more than 130 cities around the world to get notifications when a parking spot is about to get vacated in their near vicinity. This service is already initiated in the US and Europe and it will be made available in other countries as well in a short time.

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