53% Of Men Would Pick A Runner To Be The Mother Of Their Children; 42% Of Women Report Sex Life Improved Since They Started Running

Truth be told, when it comes to exercising, the world is divided into two groups: those who run and those who wish they could run. While the classic benefits of running are well known – health, weight loss, and more overall energy – this isn’t necessarily the only major incentive for people to start running. As it turns out, runners are often motivated by a more primal factor- sex appeal.

A recent study conducted by Clear Sky Apps, the developer of the 5K Runner app shows that 68% of women started running in order to feel sexier and more confident with the opposite sex. Among men the results show only a slight difference with 64%. The research also gives an interesting perspective on the way men regard women who run: Over 50% of men think that a woman runner has better health and better genes and would be a potential candidate to be the mother of their child. Moreover, when it comes to sexual attraction, a woman who stays fit by running is considered attractive by 35% of men, second only to a woman who makes them laugh (47%).

Additionally, the research shows that 55% of the men, and 42% of the women reported an improvement in their sex life after they started running.  Not surprisingly, the most common body part that men wanted to improve by running was their abs. Among women, however, the body part they wanted to improve most was their “mind” (described as overall happiness, and sex appeal) beating out other options such as their butt, legs and abs.

With over 2.5 million users, and over 16,000 people in its social community, the 5K app team wanted to better understand the tipping point in which a person makes the decision to get up from his comfortable couch and start running. The 5k app training program was developed for those who have made the decision but still need the guidance, coaching, and motivation along every step of the training session.

“Most people don’t realize there is a fit person hidden inside them, literally” says Benny Shaviv, CEO for ClearSkyApps. “The only thing that anyone needs to turn their life around is guidance and motivation. That’s exactly where we focused the 5K Runner app: its an app for ordinary people looking to make their lives better, and there is nothing more gratifying than receiving an email from a mother of 3 that has been overweight all her life and is now running 5K’s regularly.

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