iPhone 5 won’t auto connect to D-Link router

So, I was at my girlfriend’s dad’s house, where they have a D-Link DGL-4500 router.

I asked them for the WiFi password, they gave it to me, I entered it into the iPhone 5 and everything was perfect. Later that day, I wanted to check my emails on my phone, (since AT&T’s reception sucks here, I had to use the wireless) but I noticed that there was no connection to the router.

I thought it was weird because I already typed in the password. I went into the wireless settings on the iPhone, chose the router name and typed the password in again and connected. The same thing happened a couple more times so I decided to search the web for a solution.

The Problem:

For some reason, my iPhone 5 won’t auto-connect to my D-Link router. The specific router is DGL-4500, but as I read on the internet, a couple of other D-Link models have the same problem.

The Solution:

Change the Wireless Network Name. Yep. As simple as that.

Log in to your router (Usually, type in the username and password, go to “Basic -> Wireless -> Wireless Network Name” and change the name to anything except the default “dlink”:

D-Link - Change wireless network name
D-Link – Change wireless network name

I must say that this solution will work only if your wireless network name is “dlink” – the default name for D-Link routers. This solution worked for me, but if it doesn’t work for you – keep searching 🙂

On a side note – I didn’t have to have their Admin’s password. D-Link’s router’s Admin default password is blank, so it was easy. Don’t forget to change the default password if you have a D-Link router.

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