Invert two-finger scrolling direction in a Dell laptop

Frustrated about Dell laptop's reverse scrolling direction? This is how to invert two-finger scrolling direction in a Dell laptop.

So I just got my Dell Latitude E6530. It’s an amazing, powerful laptop – though pretty heavy.

I know it sounds stupid, but the most exciting thing for me in this laptop is the keyboard backlight. I’ve had laptops with the latest-and-newest CPUs, dedicated graphics cards, SSD drives, fingerprint readers etc. But I never had a backlit keyboard 🙂

So there’s that.

But like everything in life – nothing’s perfect.

When I started using it, it took me some time to understand why I can’t use the touchpad normally.

The Problem:

The scrolling direction was inverted (Mac style), which means If I wanted to scroll down, I had to two-finger scroll up. If I had to scroll up, I had to two-finger scroll down. I don’t know why Dell decided to do so, but it’s pretty annoying.

So I researched the internet for a decent solution (mostly in Dell’s forums) that does not require any 3rd party software.

The following solution will work with almost every ALPS mouse found in Dell laptops, HP Laptops etc.

The Solution:

In order to invert two-finger scrolling direction in a Dell laptop, all you have to do is to change a value in the registry (I must warn you – this shouldn’t cause any problems but do it on your own risk). So this is how it goes:

1. Run Registry Editor: Start + R -> type “regedit” and enter.

2. On the left side, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alps\Apoint

3. On the right side, change the InvertScrollFlag value from “3” to “0”.

4. Save changes and restart your computer.

5. Enjoy scrolling the right direction!

invert two-finger scrolling direction in Dell laptop
invert two-finger scrolling direction in Dell laptop

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18 Responses

  1. YOU ARE LIFESAVER! Invert scrolling was driving me nuts! I turned it off on my Mac too but this damned Dell gave me no option which I find a bit crazy. Anyhow, thank you for that simple fix.

  2. A little history: Since the intro of iPad and iPod directions, scrolling was performed as if you’re dragging the document. In order to scroll down, you pushed the doc up towards the top of the page. In Mac OSX, up through Snow Leopard, it was the opposite, which is to say you would drag the scroll bar down to advance the page. That historically aligns with Windows, in that you’re moving the scroll bar rather than the page.
    Starting in OSX Lion, Apple reversed the direction to match that of iOS devices, but gave a way to restore previous preferences if desired. While it took me a few days to get used to it, I personally think the new paradigm makes more sense. A scroll bar is an artifact of the mouse days where you had to move the mouse to the scroll bar and drag it. With two-finger scrolling, there’s no need at all for a scroll bar, and so it just makes sense to be pushing the page up to see what’s below it. The latest few OSX versions go as far as to hide the scroll bar under normal circumstances.
    When I started working in Windows again, Dell had apparently swapped the default back to the way you like it. I had to find the option to “invert” it so it’s more mac-like.

  3. Thank you – times a thousand! Brand new work computer was driving me out of my mind and the Dell forums were useless. Thank you for taking the time to write this out for us!! (So sad that this is what makes me happy – but it’s the little things, right!?)

  4. Is there anyway you could provide a similar solution for the Dell Inspirion series? In the Registry Editor path you provided, there is no >Alps in the registry tree for this laptop… unless I just missed it…

    So close! Thank you.

  5. [you can erase my previous post!]

    Like pete, above, my problem was that I wanted my Dell Inspirion trackpad to scroll in the same way as my Mac and it was already set to the two-fingers-up-moved-the-page up.

    no Alps on Dell Inspirion series because it has a Synaptics touch pad…

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Synaptics > SynTP > TouchPadSMB2c > NotifyDriverFirst — Change from “0” to “3”

    In this case, as you found above, “0” is for two-finger-up-page-up” and “3” is for two-finger-up-page-down.

    Thank you for getting me headed in the right direction, as I’m not super tech-savvy.

  6. Thank you so much! I was so surprised that I couldn’t do this through the trackpad settings! This worked perfectly and was very easy. But I definitely couldn’t have figured it out on my own!

  7. Thanks a lot – this really helped me a lot!

    Even if it’s the opposite I tried to get: on a Latitude E5430, Dell seems to have changed scrolling to “normal” by default, while I want to have the current Mac style (aka inverted).

    Key “InvertScrollFlag ” did not exist, but simply creating it at that place you described and setting it to 3 did the job — I happily enjoy inverted scrolling now 🙂

  8. Worked perfectly on Latitude e6430. The writer of this is a life saver and overall fantastic person. Thank you!!

  9. humans suck. but sometimes they do amazing things, like post this page. trying to get IT support to help with issues like this is useless. thank you, shay, for posting this, and helping so many of us so much.

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