Download Windows 8 Official ISO

The Windows 8 Official ISO images hosted on Microsoft’s servers are genuine and official versions, and the downloads from the server are totally free and definitely legal. Yes, there’s a catch: this is a trial version. You can download Windows 8 official ISO but it will work for 90 days, and it’s designed for hardware and software developers to test their products on.

If you’re interested in downloading Windows 7 – Click here.

Anyway, without a genuine and legally purchased product key, you can’t get Windows 8 activated, and as mentioned – Windows 8 will only run as evaluation copy for up to 90 days.

Links to download Windows 8 Official ISO (32bit & 64bit):

English x86:
English x64:

Chinese (simplified) x86:
Chinese (simplified) x64:

Chinese (Traditional) x86:
Chinese (Traditional) x64:

French x86:
French x64:

German x86:
German x64:

Italian x86:
Italian x64:

Japanese x86:
Japanese x64:

Korean x86:
Korean x64:

Portuguese x86:
Portuguese x64:

Spanish x86:
Spanish x64:

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