WordPress editor toolbar disappeared

WordPress editor toolbar disappeared? No problem.

The problem

So I helped someone to move his WordPress blog from one domain to another.

The process was pretty simple: Export the DB, import it into the new DB, move the files, etc. One day I’ll probably write a post about how to safely move WordPress from one domain to another, but first thing’s first.

Anyway, after moving WordPress, everything went well, except one thing: when editing a post / adding a new post, WordPress’ editor toolbar disappeared. Yes, I’ve tried everything:

  • Reset the “plugin” folder
  • Replaced the “includes” and “admin” folders
  • Deactivated every single plugin
  • Reinstalled WordPress from the update option

The solution

The solution was pretty simple. I don’t why, or how it happened, but it happened. Using Chrome’s Developer tools, I noticed an issue with the editor’s JavaScript file:

WordPress editor toolbar disappeared
WordPress editor toolbar disappeared

I logged into the blog’s FTP, and noticed there was no such file named “editor_plugin.js”. However, there was indeed a file named “editor_plugin_src.js”. I took a gamble, and changed the file name to “editor_plugin.js” – and problem solved.

How did it happen? You tell me. Actually – I don’t really care. I’m happy 🙂

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