MasterFX – The fun and ease of Instagram with the power of Photoshop

A number of users wonder what it takes to edit photos perfectly like professional designers. The simple answer is that you don’t need a lot if you have the right tools to help you. MasterFX, a design app by Dropico Mobile, is just the perfect designing tool you need to edit photographs like a professional designer. You can get all the fancy edits done on your own without having to learn difficult techniques. The app is available for iPhone and iPad users who already have a large variety of photo and video editing apps available to them but feel cheated due to the narrow range of filters and editing tools.

MasterFX is a completely free app for iOS platforms. It comes with a range of over 1500 elements, including characters, backgrounds, effects, and text editor, all of which can be used with an automatic balancing function. For an additional $0.99, you can add 32 additional packages to the app if the free option is not enough for you. You can also add millions of royalty-free photos to your gallery for the price of $0.05 each. The company plans to expand its range of photos, materials and tools continuously with every update it makes.

While the app is designed to simulate the processes of professional designers, its interface is much more user-friendly and intuitive. Professional designers are required to gather graphical material from different sites, organize them and then mesh them artfully to build a composition, all of  which can take hours of work and expert skills. MasterFX makes this entire process extremely simple for everyone to use by bringing together everything on a single platform; all the elements of the app work together to create a composition in a snap. A video tutorial is also provided to explain everything you need to know about operating the app. The video highlights all its features and some other masterpieces created by other users.

In comparison, other photography and editing apps available for iPhone users are either very simple and come with very limited number of tools like the filters of Instagram or extremely complicated like professional software such as Photoshop. Master FX is none of those; it is something completely different and new. All the popular and fun features of Instagram are combined with the heavy duty features of Photoshop on a single platform and can be used with single step functionality. Introducing more complex and advanced tools for experienced users and a video editing function are also some updates that are further planned for this app.

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