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Familio Logo

There are some things in life that you only want to share with your family and no one else. Whether they are your secret baby photos or some distant memory of your childhood, some things are better kept within the family circle. But how can you do that when the privacy settings of social media platforms are becoming too complex or unreliable? The answer is: with Familio.

This safe and exclusive photo and video sharing platform allows you to connect with a very close network of your family members. This way, you can ensure that your private moments are only shared with the people you want. Launched recently, this is a universal app that is available on Android, iOS and the web, connecting families across different countries, platforms and generations. All your family moments and memories can now be shared without having to worry about privacy settings.

So, why not do that on any other social network? While it is true that most popular social networking platforms allow you to share photos and videos with people, it is difficult to ensure that they will stay exclusive. Even if you use customization lists and filters, which many people are not aware of anyway, there are still no guarantees that you have covered everything and your photos and videos are protected from the eyes of strangers.

Familio understands that people are tired of checking into their numerous social media profiles from time to time for regular updates and they definitely don’t need another social media platform. This is why it has come up with an app-like platform that is easy to use, even for the Grandma who abhors any mention of websites and technology. The app is always active in the background and offers a push notification system that easily lets you see the latest photos of your family member no matter how limited your knowledge of technology is.

The always-on function of Familio eliminates the need of checking the app regularly for updates. When there is something new worth seeing, the app will alert you automatically. You can either install it on your phone as an app or you could have it as an extension running in your browser’s background. In both cases, regular notifications will alert you when new photos are posted. You can browse through your Familio album any time you want and relive the memories that truly bring you together. Besides, the feature allows you to share print-quality, high resolution pictures taken from a number of sources while collecting them on a single platform instead of leaving them scattered.

So celebrate the bonds of family with Familio, the app dedicated to ensuring safe sharing within your family’s network.


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