Poper Blocker add on

Best pop-up blocker EVER for Chrome. Period.

Poper Blocker Logo
Poper Blocker Logo

Say hello to “Poper Blocker” – The best pop-up blocker for Chrome.

It’s been 6 months since I started using this add-on. I’ve tried all kinds of pop-up blockers, but this one… well… this one does the job. Simply. Perfectly.

Some details from the add-on page:

Blocks all these annoying popups and popunders that pop no matter where you click on a page. The first pop-under blocker!

When a popup or a popunder is identified and blocked, a notification appears.
You can view the blocked content by clicking on its link in the notification.
“Allow always” will suppress the blocking of any future content generated by the current website and add it to the whitelist.

The whitelist can be managed by the extension’s options page.

Download here and thank me later.

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