1. Marisa

    I tried installing Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010. Something went wrong with the installation (Windows can’t ID the problem), and now not only can I not get Picture Manager installed, but I cannot uninstall SharePoint (all I get is an error message saying “The language of this installation package is not supported by your system.”). Now what??

  2. Eli

    Worked like a charm for me with my Windows 8 machine. Much easier than a few of the other directions I found online. Thanks!

  3. Vassilis

    Thanks, works just find. The only thing is that when I hit the “Open with” instead of Office Picture Manager I see Microsoft Office 2010 but I got used to it already :)

  4. Mark Edwards

    Thank you so so much…..I’ve wasted hours trying to get picture manager onto my machine….. I needed this app for my work so I’m very grateful and will happily buy you a coffee…..
    Thanks again

  5. Bill Logan

    Need help!
    My Microsoft Office Picture Manager today went berserk.
    Can’t get rid of it. can’t even do a ‘restore”. Everything I try to click on, the darn MS Office Pic manager pops up as the program. Can’t even open my MS Outlook. to send mail. At wits end trying to get rid of it. Even deleted the file (I thought) but it is STILL there. Even tried to Use OBIT Power Uninstall and it would not uninstall it. Nothing works, And yes I rebooted several times. Exasperated, Now suspect it has to be malware from some joker who thinks it is funny. Nothing I tried works.
    [email protected] Since it not outlook.
    Hope this goes out,

  6. RS

    Thanks for the very useful tip. But after sometime, I had problems with file associations – when I click on Word document, or Excel Spreadsheet, or PowerPoint deck, it never opened. I had to start respective application (Word, Excel, etc.) and then choose the file I want to open. Upon checking I found that I found 2 versions of Office on my PC, both 2013 and 2010. So I had to uninstall both and re-install 2013. I was very surprised how Office 2010 version was installed on my PC. I kind of figured out that Windows Update went ahead and installed SP2 of Office 2010 which could have brought back the old version of Word, Excel, etc., and caused the issue. Now I am careful to manually control Windows Updates to avoid installing any updates for Office 2010. Windows update is not smart. Just because I have installed Picture Manager from Office 2010, it installs all updates for Office 2010 causing this problem.

  7. Binoy Kaladi

    Wow… It worked like a charm. I was really missing the Office Picture Manager and now I got it. Thanks a Ton :)

  8. Binoy Kaladi

    Wow… It worked like a charm. I was really missing the Office Picture Manager in Office 2013 and now I got it. Thanks a Ton :)

  9. indy

    Error: 1935,
    setup failed rolling back changes..

    i am running office 2013 professional pro, plz help me out to solve this query.

  10. indy

    An error occurred during the installation of assembly component..

    i didn’t get the continue button i get the install button instead.. :/
    so might be it’s not supported to the version of MS office i am having .. ?

  11. MABUS




  12. Jane

    I have MS Office 2013 and downloaded Sharepoint designer to install picture manager. picture manager is subsequently installed on my pc , but when I try to edit a picture it doesn’t work . I can’t do any editing. It simply doesn’t work. Can you please help!

    Thank you

  13. Hi
    Please help! I have MS Office 2013 and installed Microsoft pic Manager via SharePoint Designer. Picture Manager was installed but I’m unable to edit my pictures. It doesn’t edit at all.

  14. I love you. This is the most important tool i have for building my website and i’ve been switching between an old laptop (with PM) and new (without). This will save me HOURS. thank you so much.l

  15. Michele Silk

    Thank you so much for your easy instructions!! At last!….I have been battling to figure out how to get Office Picture manager on my new computer (Windows 8) for a week now …my husband couldn’t even get it …….and I find it essential for editing and sending images of artworks.
    This is a life saver…thank you !

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