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Moving Wordpress

WordPress Database – Run MySQL Search

Move Wordpress from one server to another, or from the root domain to a subdomain easily with a “Find and Replace” MySQL queries.

How to create a clickable map

How To Create a Clickable Map

Have you ever wanted to include an interactive map on your website, but you just don’t know the technical stuff behind doing it? Even if you aren’t tech savvy- there…

Bing Maps Logo

Batch Geocode Addresses Using Bing Maps

Instead of using an expensive piece of software or web service to batch geocode multiple addresses, you can use an Excel worksheet and Bing Maps’ API.

How to monetize mobile apps

How To Market an App And

Mobile apps are not the guaranteed gold mine that many people make them out to be. Use this guide to do it right and to make some serious money with mobile apps

If you change a file name extension the file might become unusable

How To Extract Videos And Images

Extracting videos, images, sounds and documents that are embedded in a PowerPoint file is an easy task. You just have to change the file’s extension and it’s all there. Here’s how to do it.

Cant sign in to Lync - There was a problem acquiring a personal certificate required to sign in

Lync: “Cant sign in to Lync

Can’t sign in to Lync? Learn how to fix Lync’s login error, by clearing Lync’s cache and by reset Lync’s RSA certificate.

Lync - This message may not have been sent to because the server timed out - error message

Lync Error Message “This message may

Having Lync connectivity issues when trying to send a message? Here’s a solution I was offered by Microsoft and is working good so far – clear Lync’s cache.

We Cant Verify Who Created This File - Security Warning

How To Fix “We Can’t Verify

Here is how to fix Windows’ security warning “We Can’t Verify Who Created This File” when opening a file. Just add the network folders to the trusted zone on the Intranet.

Lync 2013

Lync 2013 Desktop Sharing Shows White

If you’re experiencing a white screen while trying to share your desktop with Lync 2013. then let me tell you one thing – ActiveX. Let’s fix it.

How To Enable Google Analytics Demographics And Interest Reports In WordPress

How To Enable Google Analytics Demographics

Struggling to enable Google Analytics Demographics And Interest Reports In WordPress? Stop searching. I have a simple solution for you that solves it in 5 minutes.